Cat Hope

Cat Hope "The End of Abe Sada"(paperback book) - This book traces composer and noise artist, Cat Hope's 'Abe Sada' project from its inception in 2006 until the PICA What I see when I Look at Sound exhibition and the premiere of the Australian Bass Orchestra. 48pp pocket-size book with colour fold-out of the graphic score for The End of Abe Sada, with an introduction by Jack Sargeant.

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Cat Hope/White Drummer - Surface Noise vol. 2 CDR "Fetish 25" sees Perth's Cat Hope in bass guitar noise mode, screaming into pickups and coaxing deep frequencies from the strings with radios and whips. White Drummer takes subterranean noise literally, playing solo drumkit whilst being lowered into the icy waters of the Derwent river at MONA FOMA in 2013, not missing a beat as she continues to play assisted by breathing apparatus, all recorded live here.

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