Documenting the history of Australian experimental music

As well as documenting contemporary practice, Shame File Music hosts a number of releases and resources documenting the history of Australian experimental music:

Various Artists "Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930 - 1973" CD/digital A landmark in the history of Australian experimental, this CD documents for the first time the forgotten pioneers like Percy Grainger, Jack Ellitt, the McKimm Rooney Clayton Quartet, Keith Humble and more. Comes in a gorgeous digipack with 16 page booklet. More details and audio samples

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Various Artists "Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: volume II 1974 - 1983" 2CD The story of Australian experimental music continues with Artefacts volume II documenting the explosion of Australian experimental music practice from the mid 1970s; from the use of synthesisers and computers, through to the radical fringes of post-punk, and to the beginnings of industrial and dark wave. This double CD set complete with 16 page booklet features one of Warren Burt's first compositions completed in Australia, the Loop Orchestra's first performance, South Australian industrial noise/punk cabaret, Melbourne post-punk minimalism, mid-1970s Brisbane Dadaist noise/audio collage, early Sydney aleatoric electronica, and much more. More details and audio samples

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Jack Ellitt - Sound Constructions mp3/CD - Shame File Music presents for the first time the surviving recordings of one of the twentieth century's forgotten pioneers of electronic music. These recordings have had only minimal remastering in the interests of presenting them as close to their original form as possible. Available for free streaming/download with in-depth notes, or on CDR.

Val Stephen - Electrogenesis mp3/CD - Against a backdrop of nascent electronic music experimentation in 1960s Melbourne, a self-avowed 'amateur' musician became the first Australian to have electronic music released commercially on an international label. Val Stephen, a practising anaesthetist, developed an interest in electronic music in the late 1950s and recorded a large body of work with a range of tools and techniques. Stephen's music, along with his public advocacy of electronic music, was pioneering in regard to the acceptance of electronic music as a legitimate musical concern in Melbourne. Available for free streaming/download with in-depth notes, or on CDR.

Arthur Cantrill - Hootonics LP The soundtrack to Arthur and Corinne Cantrill's 1970 feature-length film Harry Hooton features the groundbreaking music/sound created using a variety of musique concrete/tape techniques, collage, and treated recordings of early CSIRO mainframe computers. Hooton was a poet, futurist and thinker associated with the Sydney Push, and a formative influence on the Cantrill's artistic view, as detailed in Arthur's liner notes. This extraordinary soundtrack is a fitting tribute to Hooton, and stands as unique proto-electronic noise music decades ahead of its time. Limited edition of 300 copies, includes download card with bonus non-LP track.

Hootonics delves into the the world of early Australian tape experiments, machine recordings and sound collage and sits as an important historical document in Australian experimental music - Cyclic Defrost.

Excellent record of early electronics. Not to be missed by anyone who delves into the recent Mego re-issues of Ina-Grm - Vital Weekly #946

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Purchase Arthur Cantrill's "Chromatic Mysteries: soundtracks 1963-2009" CD together with your "Hootonics" LP:

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Arthur Cantrill - Chromatic Mysteries: soundtracks 1963-2009 CD - A retrospective CD of experimental filmmaker, Arthur Cantrill's extraordinary four decades of soundtracks, including subtly-manipulated environmental recordings and some of the earliest examples of Australian musique concrete. With liner notes by Cantrill and Warren Burt

A feast for the ears...Chromatic Mysteries is highly recommended and one of the best CDs of this year so far - Vital Weekly #736 of the premier, though perhaps unacknowledged, Australian avant garde musicians - In Press #1132 (21 July 2010).

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Various Artists "NMA" mp3/CDs Originally released as a series of cassettes from 1982-92 documenting experimental music in Australia, now available as free downloads or for trade on CDR.

Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive - Althoff released four solo cassettes from 1985 to 1992, now all sold out. Shame File Music presents here online reissues of each cassette, complete with cover art, original liner notes and Althoff's thoughts on these recordings today, all for free download/streaming or on CDR.

Other online writings by Shame File Music's Clinton Green on the history of Australian experimental music:

o "Australian experimental music pre-1960" Australian Music Centre website : 2009

o "Australian experimental music in the 1960s Australian Music Centre website : 2009

o "The Australian cassette underground: a historical overview" The Living Archive, October 2010.